Liftup Program Wellness

LiftUP’s Wellness program is dedicated to building a successful adult who has self-esteem, self-regulation, and self-awareness.

Wellness Course Discriptions

Yoga: Participants will experience movement, breathing techniques and guided meditation to promote mental and physical well-being.


Breathing: Participants will learn different breathing techniques that aim to improve energy and focus, help manage anxiety and foster better sleep.  This class is a gentle practice done sitting on the floor or laying down.    


Meditation: Participants will be guided by a teacher through a series of visualizations and areas of concentration.  This class is designed to promote deep relaxation as well as spark insight, healing, and healthy self-reflection.


Nutrition: Participants will learn about nutritious food choices and how it can lead to healthy behaviors.  


Personal Health: Participants will acquire knowledge for optimal physical and emotional health.  The class will cover a range of topics that work to enhance health & well-being.

LiftUP Program Contacts

Holly Bromer

LiftUP Program Specialist

Call/Text:  561.702.3907