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The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels

Why Volunteer with TSK MOW?

Most of us enjoy the warm feeling we get from knowing that we have made a difference, that we have lifted others in some meaningful way.  Volunteering with The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels program certainly qualifies as among the most impactful ways to share your time and heart with those in need.  Not only do our volunteer drivers supply nutritious meals to homebound elders but they provide comfort and a sense of connection to people in our community who sometimes feel very alone and forgotten.

How does it work?

Each weekday morning (Monday –Friday, including holidays), The Soup Kitchen delivers meals to  roughly 70 people living in  Boynton Beach that are homebound due to chronic/terminal illnesses, severe mobility issues or are limited due to the frailty of advanced age.  This is carried out through TSK volunteer drivers. As we enter the summer months, we have an increasing need for new volunteers who are willing to help deliver one morning a week, or as importantly, act as an occasional substitute volunteer driver for our regular volunteers who are on vacation.   If you have roughly two hours available on any weekday morning, delivering meals to your neighbors in need could be just the rewarding volunteer opportunity you’ve been hoping to find.

The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels program delivers meals to individuals who are homebound due to chronic/terminal illness or struggle with mobility issues due to the frailty of advanced age.
Once qualified, TSK MOW clients are eligible to receive two daily home-delivered meals, Monday through Friday. Meals are delivered between 9 AM and 1 PM by a vetted, caring TSK MOW volunteer. Delivery includes a hot meal containing a protein, starch, vegetable, bottled water, bread, dessert or fruit and a ½ sandwich and snack for later in the day.

Are you interested in receiving meals?

Are you Interested in receiving meals?
Please contact The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels office.
Call/text Sunny at 561-806-8636 or email:

To be eligible, you must:

  • Reside in the City of Boynton Beach.
  • Complete a TSK MOW application during a home visit with one of our intake specialists.
  • Live alone or have a caregiver whose responsibilities for you, the TSK Meals on Wheels
    client, prevents them from shopping or cooking regularly.
  • Have very limited outside support and very limited visits from family, companions or
    medical aids.

The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels program does NOT accommodate special diets or supply any menus. We do not provide a vegetarian option. Our meals are not categorized as low sodium or diabetic friendly. It is entirely the client’s responsibility to consume foods that support their best personal health needs and to eat only foods that are approved by their physician/dietician.

As is the case with all TSK programs, the TSK MOW program is provided free of charge to any/all recipients. While any donations they care to make are gratefully accepted, our clients are never billed.

Interested in being a volunteer driver?

Contact The Soup Kitchen Meals on Wheels office. Call/text Sunny at 561-806-8636 or email us at

Schedule to attend a volunteer orientation and complete a volunteer application.

A volunteer delivery driver must:

  • Be a licensed driver, over 18.
  • Carry her/his own automobile insurance.
  • Use his/her own automobile to make deliveries.
  • Agree to a criminal background check.


Thank you for your interest!