Liftup Program Home & Work Skills

LiftUP participants will meet with local professionals that will teach basic life-skills, allowing them to become self-sufficient and productive.

Home & Work Skills Course Descriptions

Home Finance: Participants will learn the basics of budgeting, saving, debt, investing and giving.  The class is designed to provide a foundation to build strong money habits.


Job Search: Participants will explore how to conduct an effective job search.  The class will cover topics like setting goals, researching opportunities, and staying organized.


Resumé Writing: Participants will learn how to create an effective resumé.  The class will help organize previous work experience, accomplishments and skill sets into a powerful written document.


Interview preparation: Participants will learn and practice job interview skills.  The class will review effective communication techniques, how to respond to common questions, help reduce anxiety and learn to make the best impression.


Effective communication: Participants will explore how to communicate their ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and opinions while also learning to be active listeners.  The class will review how to use their words to make an impression and learn how non-verbal communication might impact their message.


Organization and decision making: Participants will discuss ways to create short and long-term goals and learn essential habits for success.


Personal Presentation: Participants will learn about the importance of personal hygiene to boost appearance and self-esteem.


Leadership Goals: Participants will be exposed to leadership positions within TSK various programs to gain self-confidence and communication skills.


LiftUP Program Contacts

Holly Bromer

LiftUP Program Specialist

Call/Text:  561.702.3907