How You Can Help

The individuals and families served by The Soup Kitchen are a diverse population with a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. In your time working or volunteering with us, you may see or hear something that seems out of line with your perception of a “typical” Soup Kitchen guest. Considering this, it is important for each of us to always remember that appearances can be deceiving. While it is perhaps a natural response to form an opinion about a person based on their outward appearance, we in fact know very little about our guests’ financial status and living situation. As such, all who request our help will receive it equally and without prejudice or judgment. Additionally, the people we serve will, at all times, be treated with dignity and respect. No employee or volunteer will make negative or derogatory comments about any of our guests.

We will respect our guests’ right to privacy by never discussing them in the community at large. Our mission is to feed all who are hungry in body and in spirit. We do so willingly and with compassion and understanding.

The Soup Kitchen always needs warm hearted, compassionate individuals who are able to offer some time in exchange for a child’s smile, an adult’s appreciation or simple thanks.

Another way Volunteers can help…. Company Matching Programs

A number of local companies match employee donations on a dollar for dollar basis.  We are grateful to those companies that chose this way to partner with their employees in making a difference in the community.

Recently, we learned that some companies are taking things one step further by matching their employees’ volunteer time with an hourly allocation of funding for the not for profit organization.  This is a great way to leverage your contribution just by doing what you are already doing! If your company has this type of volunteer donation policy, please contact Marlene Mejia: at (561)523-7339.