Liftup Program Registration & Refferals

LiftUp Program Referral Participant Guidelines

Once the information is collected, the participant will receive a phone call from our Assistant Director, Maria Aguilar to schedule an appointment to meet in person. During the appointment the participant will meet with a

member of our LiftUP team to complete a noninvasive In-Take form followed by a meeting with our Program Director, Zulma Phillips.

Due to the limited space available in our Culinary Program, we expect the Participants to respond to The Soup Kitchen within 48 hours otherwise their name will be moved down on the list.

The referral letter should either be emailed by the Organization prior to the day of the in-Take meeting, or the Participant may bring the referral letter on the day of the meeting.

If a Participant has not been referred by an organization but has a legal document that establishes, they are or were in the Foster Care System, the Participant will be welcomed to participate in the LiftUP Program and may provide their legal documentation instead of a referral letter.

LiftUp Program Contacts

Maria Aguilar

Assistant Director Outreach & Programs

Call/Text: 561.374.1800